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Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports. - Greg Glassman

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

16.1 How do I compare?

I started trolling the leader boards and quickly discovered that my 145 scaled reps was hardly an impressive showing.  I did not expect to knock it out of the park, but I expected to be around the lower 25% of the crowd.

Of 158,518 Individual Men who posted a score for 16.1, I was 154,463, the bottom 2.5%

Of 9,977 Master's Men 45-49 who posted a score for 16.1, I was 9,432, the bottom 5.5%

Focusing on Master's Men, 6,518 did the workout Rx, with some recording only 1 rep (5 feet of Overhead Walking Lunges at 95#).  The top scaled workout was 351 reps.  This guy was moving and more than doubled my rep count.  Wow!

There were 232 Master's Men 45-49 in Colorado and among them, I was 219.

Out of curiosity, I checked out Master's Men 60+, 1,412 entered scores.  My 145 scaled reps would have placed me at 1,315 out of that crowd.

Granted we are dealing with an amazing cross section of the active community.  CrossFit attracts millions worldwide and around 320,000 registered for the Open.

I am still excited to participate in the Open.  It culminates a commitment I made a year ago and will definitely provide a fond memory for future Opens or wherever my athletic interests take me.

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