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Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports. - Greg Glassman

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Front Squat

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mirage Hotel Spa & Salon

1:40 PM

Treadmill - 5 minutes, 1% incline, 5.4 mph

24-24-24 Air Squat, Pass Through, OH Squat with PVC

Front Squat

Used short oly bar (25#?)


No rack, had to clean the weight for first rep

Jump Rope

10 minutes, drills, singles, doubles.  22 was best unbroken set of doubles.


10 sets - 4 on first set, 20 reps total

DB Snatch

Work up to heavy single - 60#

I was very impressed with the gym at the mirage which is open from 5 AM to 7 PM.  In addition to treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climber, stationary bikes, they had a full complement of machines, pull-up/dip stand, cybex cable machine with center pull-up station, smith machine, foam roller, kettle bells to 20#, dumbbells to 80#, barbells to 100#, short oly bar, oly curl bar, 550# of iron grip plates, jump ropes, back extension machine, preacher curl bench, military press bench, incline bench, medicine balls and a variety of other stuff I could build into a great workout.

Everything was clean and organized and they even had electronic access lockers to protect your belonging.

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